Dance Lessons At The High Horse!

Every Tuesday Dance Lessons
7:00 - 9:30: Lesson
9:30 - 10:00: Practice, Music & Dancing

​March 7th: West Coast Swing
Whip Turns 

March 14th: Tango
Swingin' Gates

March 21st : East Coast Swing
Basic & Shadow Turns

March 28th: Salsa
Basic & La Porte

March WorkShops:
Call to register: 406 656-1965

Sunday March 5th- American Tango
1:30-2:00pm basic and Promenade review
2:00-4:00pm Open Flare/ El  Abinico/ Side Ochos

Sunday March 19th- Two Step 
1;30-2:00 basic and turns review
2:00-4;00 Couple's turn/ Right - Hand reverse spin/ Shadow turn with walk around/ Inside switch.


Join The Fun On Our Dance Floor!